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Have a question about the GIR Symposium? Check out some of the most common questions below!
If you still have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

  • What is a Symposium?
    A symposium is a conference where academics or experts of a particular subject come together for discussions.
  • What does GIR stand for?
    GIR is an abbreviation for Government and International Relations. GIR also happens to be the name of the University of Sydney Department which the event originated from. You can find out more information here:
  • Who can attend the GIR Symposium?
    EVERYONE! Anyone with a passion for the challenges of the future, or understanding how they can contribute to betterment of society can attend the event! We highly recommend our event to students at any level who are looking for opportunities to further their personal and professional development.
  • Is the GIR Symposium only open for Politics/Government/International Relations students from USYD ?
    No! Anyone with an interest in global affairs, leadership and the critical challenges of the future is encouraged to attend the 2022 GIR Symposium!
  • Is there an attendence fee?
    The cost of attending the Symposium is FREE. Those that maximise their attendance will also receive participation certificates according to their efforts.
  • Is the 2022 event online or in-person?
    Although the 2021 GIR Symposium was held online due to COVID restrictions, we will be running a hybrid event in 2022 (subject to change). Our team is working hard to ensure that the 2022 Symposium will be greater than last year as we envision a more engaging experience for in-person and virtual attendees. Whether you are attending in person or virtually, you'll become a part of our community of students and speakers from all around the world!
  • How do I stay informed about the GIR Symposium?
    If upon registration you consent to receiving marketing related material from us, we will be sure to share any developments that occur with the event. We also strongly encourage our attendees to engage with us on our social media sites @GIRSymposium Facebook Instagram Twitter Linkedin
  • What if I’m overseas?
    Our overseas participants will be able to enjoy the full GIR Symposium experience virtually. Keep an eye out for the session schedules regarding timezones over the next few months. The symposium will be running on AEST (GMT+10).
  • Im overseas and want to attend in-person, will the GIR Symposium organise my travel and accommodation?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to assist in organising flights and accommodation for our attendees. We hope one day that we will be in a position to further support prospective international attendee join us in Sydney, however, at this stage of the event such logistical assistance is beyond our capabilities.
  • I have concerns about COVID-19
    The Symposium will be a hybrid event (in-person/online) this year with an equally rewarding virtual experience for those attending online. Should you wish to attend the live event, know that our committee will ensure the sessions are aligned with the latest NSW and Australia Government COVID-19 health guidelines. If you have any further questions regarding this, feel free to email us:
  • What if two events I want to attend are on the same time?
    We would encourage you to select the session you would MOST like to attend, based on which one would most benefit you. Subject to copyright laws and procedures, we may be able to obtain a recording of certain events for later viewing.
  • How should I plan my GIR symposium experience?
    We strongly encourage you to plan your Symposium experience according to your interests. Prior to the event, be sure to check out the full event schedule and take note of which particular sessions you would be interested in attending. Note: Some sessions will require pre-registration.
  • What are tracks?
    Tracks refer to the multiple sessions that run simultaneously across all days of the event. This format has been chosen to allow attendees to optimise their experience by choosing from an array of events at any one time.
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