Have a question about the GIR Symposium? Check out some of the most common questions below!

If you still have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Event & Schedule FAQ's

What is a Symposium?

A symposium is a conference where academics or experts of a particular subject come together for discussions.

Is the GIR Symposium only open for Politics/Government/International Relations students from USYD ?

No! Anyone with a interest in Politics, Global Affairs, Leadership and the critical challeneges of the future should attend the Symposium!

What does GIR stand for?

GIR is an abbreviation for Government and International Relations. GIR also happens to be the name of the University of Sydney Department which the event originated from. You can find out more information here: https://www.sydney.edu.au/arts/schools/school-of-social-and-political-sciences/department-of-government-and-international-relations.html

Is the Event online or in-person?

The GIR Symposium has now moved to a FULLY ONLINE event. We will be running the sessions through the platforms Attendify and Zoom. Our team is working hard to ensure the platforms are up and running to guarantee all of our attendees a seamless and engaging experience. You will be connected to students and speakers from all around the world - virtually!

Is there an attendence fee?

The cost of attending the Symposium is FREE. However, those that maximise their attendance will receive participation certificates according to their efforts.

What if I’m overseas?

With the GIR Symposium being moved to a fully online event, our overseas participants will be able to enjoy the full Symposium experience, virtually.

How do I stay informed about the GIR Symposium?

If on registeration you consent to recieveing markering related material from us, we will be sure to share any developments that occur with the event. We also strongly encourage our attendees to enagage with us on our social media sites to recieve 'live' updates of key developments: https://www.facebook.com/GIRSymposium/

I have concerns about COVID-19

The Symposium will be run fully ONLINE, in line with NSW COVID-19 health orders, so this event will be completely COVID free!

Who can attend the GIR Symposium?

Anyone with a passion for international relations and politics can attend the event! We highly recommend our event to undergraduate students who are looking for opportunities to further their personal and professional development.

What are tracks?

Tracks refer to the multiple sessions that run simultaneously across all 4 days of the event. This format has been chosen to allow attendees to optimise their experience by choosing from an array of events at any one time.

What if two events I want to attend are on the same time?

We would encourage you to select the session you would MOST like to attend, based on which one would most benefit you. Subject to copyright laws and procedures, we may be able to obtain a recording of certain events for later viewing.

How should I plan my GIR symposium experience?

We strongly encourage you to plan your Symposium experience according to your interests. Prior to the event, be sure to check out the full event schedule and note which particular sessions you would be interested in attending. Note that some sessions will require pre-registration.

Why can't I register for the Mock United Nations and/or a Simulation

The process for registering to these events will be published closer to the event date. The Mock United Nations and Simulations are anticipated to be our most popular type of event, however, are also the most resource intensive to facilitate. For this reason, we will be required to restrict the number of attendees which can participate in these activities.

Do I have to attend all four days?

The GIR Symposium is a highly intensive experience, whilst we strongly encourage you to keep the week of the 2nd August 2021 free to fully experience the event, we understand that you may have a busy lifestyle and other commitments. Attendance will, however, be recorded and those with higher level attendance will be provided more official recognition of their efforts.

Event Platform FAQ's

What is Attendify?

Attendify is the virtual platform experience that will host the Symposium experience. This is how you will access all content related to the event. We recommended and will remind you closer to the event date to download the event app and bookmark our custom Symposium Platform site.

Why did I receive an email from Attendify?

This email automatically gets sent after you register via the ticketing form. The email contains your event ticket and key information from us to help you stay informed regarding important developments to the event.

Do I need to save my ticket?

It is highly recommended that you save your event ticket, either directly on your computer, or to your Apple Wallet if you have this functionality. Because this event is fully online, your ticket will be required to log into the platform and verify your attendance. If you accidently delete or loose your ticket, please email gir.symposium@sydney.edu.au.

How do I access Attendify?

Access to the Attendify platform will be released closer to the event date. We will share with you information how to access and customise your profile.

I have a privacy concern

We have conducted many weeks of research on the best platform to host the Symposium experience and found Attendify's privacy record to be above and beyond. Please feel free to read thier privacy policy here If you still have a concern, pelase do not hesitate to contact us at gir.symposium@sydney.edu.au

Will I still be able to access the GIR Symposium without signing up for Attendify?

No. The event registration form and event platform have been linked to create a seamless transition to the Symposium platform experience. In order to participate in the GIR Symposium all attendees must register via the registration form, which in turn will provide access to the platform experience.